Lasersaur Manual
The Lasersaur Manual

The Lasersaur is an open source laser cutter. We designed it to fill the need of makers, artist and scientist who wanted a safe and highly-capable machine. Unlike others it comes fully loaded with knowledge to run, maintain, and modify.

Who has built the machine? Lot of us.

Is anyone cutting? Yes!

How can I get started? Contribute. Start.

Who started it? We did.

Since its conception, Nortd Labs and the Lasersaur community has generated knowledge to develop a comprehensive system. We have specifically focused on laser cutting, software, and making the building process very repeatable. The goal is to fully open source the Lasersaur with all the documentation packaged and illustrated in early 2014. Nonetheless dozens of universities, hacker spaces, design studios, and indiviuals have already build their own Lasersaur.

How can you Contribute?

Unlike software, hardware RD is costly even when living off of Ramen. Although we do love us some Ramen, there are a lot of materials in this process which have to be purchased, tested and repurchased. There are electricity needs, hosting cost and rent (but the list goes on). We are honored to have you support the Lasersaur, its community, and a revolution. As a gesture of our thanks, we offer early adopter access, exclusive pre-designs and a community who is evolving along with the culture of making by doing.

Short on cash? Knowledge can be more powerful than money. So we also seek gurus. If you are skilled in any area related to this project please email us.

$32 Beta Access: Support the project and get full access to design documents, community (mailing list), and software before the project goes fully open source.
$(any) Project Support: Simply want to support the project? Rad! We promise any amount donated will go directly to support the Lasersaur community. If you would like, please include your snail mail address and a note for 'awesome stickers' and we will mail them to your door as a small gesture of our immense appreciation.
We Accept Bitcoin! Please send project support to: 19HFotfDymPcsdzU7fVhXYW5iJpTpWKt8p


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