Before starting a build make sure to read the System Overview and Getting Started guide. Also familiarize yourself with the BOM. After ordering and receiving the parts it's build time!



  • metric hex keys (preferably ball-point)
  • screw drivers: medium sized Phillips, small flat head
  • pliers and side cutter
  • utility knife
  • metric caliper and ruler
  • soldering iron
  • hot glue gun
  • heat gun
  • power drill and drill bits: M3, M5, M6, M16 (next imperial sizes are ok)
  • countersinking bit (90deg)
  • hacksaw
  • digital multimeter (measuring current, connectivity)
  • Dremel (optionally)

General Tips

  • For construction details use the CAD model.
  • In the CAD model use the Distance/Measurement tool to get all the positional specs you may be missing in these step-by-step instructions.
  • Use the BOM's by-subsystem view to get details on the parts.
  • Think ahead when planing the next steps and familiarize yourself with all the parts (esp. screw sizes).
  • Try to keep frame tolerances under 0.5mm (0.02") and build on a flat surface.
  • T-slot nuts (post-assembly nuts) may turn in the slot while tightening. By loosening and re-tightening this can be prevented. It takes a couple of minutes to get the hang of this.
  • Tighten frame screws well but not brutally tight. To figure out the maximum force try braking a nut by over-tightening.
  • Any screws attaching plastic sheets must not be over-tightened. Plastic parts under stress tend to produce cracks (either right away or after some time).
  • When you run into problems consult the Lasersaur mailing list. A good description of what you need help with (possibly also some images) will go a long way for getting good answers.